Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Phoenix Heat

Our travels have only just begun! We have started in Arizona. We flew into Phoenix and took a day trip to the Grand Canyon. It was a beautiful drive. 

I'm so glad I brought my film camera with me. They will be developed soon and follow our Instagram to see them when we get them developed! IG:freshasadaisyblog

We headed back to Phoenix for a couple of days for business and relaxing by the pool. After a spa day and several hours in our fuzzy robes, it was time for LA!! 

Here is our #ootd for Tuesday! 


Top: Urban Outfitters 
Bottoms: Marshells
Shoes: Target 

Dress: Thrifted 
Jacket: Forever 21
Bag: Kate Spade 
Earrings: Kate Spade 

See you in LA! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Party OOTD

Sparkles, army green and light washed jeans and the three ingredients to a perfect holiday season outfit. Parties are the perfect time to get all dressed up. And I'm not sure about you but I love any excuse to get all dressed up. 

Sweater: Thrift Store
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Forever 21

Shirt: my Grandma
Pants: Thrift Store
Shoes: Zara (Spain)
Earrings: J Crew

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Mothers are unappreciated and we should give them more credit. The same sentence we hear every year. We know how much we love our moms. Find her love language. Our moms is acts of service. We made three gifts inspired by a lovely video create by Mary Elizabeth LINK.
Part I

1.  Infused Olive Oil
What you need...

  • olive oil (around two cups) 
  • one garlic clove (use gloves unless you want to smell it for hours because I still smell it.)
  • red pepper flakes
2. Bath Salt
What you need...
  • Sea Salt 
  • any oil scent

3. Succulent Garden 

What you need...
  • succulents or cacti 
  • cute pot

Part II
Today we went on a perfect picnic. It was right on the water and just about everyone took a nap. 

Love you mama!! 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Has Sprung [Kadi]

It is now April, the weather is finally warming up. Thank God for that one. Spring is the season for rebirth and cleaning. I often find it relaxing to take something old and make it new or create a new piece of perfection. Today I am post 9 easy DIY easy tricks I have found just by search over Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs. Links will be listed at the bottom!!

link 1 (DIY Floral Box)

link 2 (Bleach Spotted Fabric)

link 3 (DIY Hanging Wall Banner)

link 4 (DIY Eyelash Art)

link 5(DIY Laptop Cover)

link 6 (DIY Jeweled Glasses Case)

link 7 (DIY Raspberry Lip balm)

link 8 (DIY Tea planters)

link 9 (DIY Chain Bracelet)

if you do any of these DIYs, Instagram or tweet a picture with the hashtag #freshdaisiesdiyapril !!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Wishlist [J]

It’s unbelievable that 2015 is already here! When you think of the year 2015 that we would have flying cars or something! Many great things have happen this past year but I am ready to start fresh. I have really been able to find myself this past year and this coming year I want to focus on being myself. While finding myself I have uncovered a style that fits my personality! This year I hope to fulfill my style by adding new pieces to my wardrobe. This is the perfect time of year to change your style, set a goal such as eating healthier! I am super excited for 2015 and I hope you guys are too!

High Neck Cut-Out Skater Dress

Silence + Noise Sequin Pant
Ecote Exaggerated Western Boot 

Ecote Drapey Sherpa Jacket 

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